Alinco DJ-G7 problem

Have any Alinco DJ-G7 owners had problems turning their radio on?

The symptoms are you have a well charged battery connected and you press and hold the power on button but nothing happens. This is after the set has been off and no battery connected for some long time ( > 1 month).

It happened to mine and it required several full resets before it would power up and stay powered up. It seems OK now and I’m ensuring I power it up and leave it on for a few minutes every few days but I’m wondering if anyone has seem similar problems.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Hi Andy

No issues here, but I never disconnect the battery.

I do find the power on button rubbish though, really hard to push it on!


Matt G8XYJ

In reply to G8XYJ:

Mo issues here either but, like Matt, I never disconnect the battery. There was one summit where I couldn’t get it to power up but I think that was me with the poor switch - when my hands are really cold, I find it difficult to push the switch hard enough and hold it in.