Algarve Holiday SOTA

In the Algarve on holiday this week and tried to activate CT/AL-003 today but was cancelled during activation. The only person I heard responding to me was G4SSH so apologies to Roy and any other callers I didn’t hear. Wx better tomorrow so I have scheduled two for tomorrow - please see the alerts. Thanks to all. Regards , David G4ZAO.

It poured with rain today so I had to beat a hasty retreat. Spent some of the afternoon drying out my equipment.

Hello Dave

I was looking out for you this morning for a CT/AL-003 SOTA Complete on 14063 KHz - but it was not to be. I hope the weather improves for you as per the forecast, I will be looking for you again tomorrow and Wednesday. Both summits planned for tomorrow are SOTA Completes, so a contact with you is very important to me, good luck.

73 Phil G4OBK


Thanks for the response. Weather forecast is much better for tomorrow so fingers crossed everything should go ok. I may be early for the first one, and will probably drop 40M as it was dead. Your catterblog was very helpful when i was doing my pre planning research, so thanks for that.

73’s G4ZAO David

Good job done today David - thank you for the two SOTA Completes, and I’m glad my blog proved useful for your Algarve Tour.

I am around tomorrow until around 1100z so I hope I can hear you on AL-007 before I head to York. The summit position as marked in the association manual is nigh impossible to reach - you may have gathered that from the blog. The trig point is well within the 25m drop zone though and a better vantage point by far on the edge of the rock. Good luck with it, it was by far the nicest walk out of all the summits I did in CT/AL when I was there, with a local bar at the end of the walk for a sandwich and beer.

73 Phil


Thanks for your help today with the contacts and the spot. CT/AL-003 was very noisy rf-wise. CT/AL-006 was much better, although there is a steep climb as you will know. 20M was the best band. Hopefully we will make contact tomorrow on CT/AL-007.

73’s David G4ZAO

Phil & all,

Thanks for spotting me Phil. Apologies to Roy G4SSH that we didn’t QSL both ends- I replied to your calls, but guess you couldn’t hear me. I only just got my one point as I only made four contacts. Thanks to all chasers who contacted me. The CT/AL-007 Rocha da Penna is a real lovely walk for a SOTA summit - I would recommend it to anyone. I will plan to activate. the other summits next year.

73’s to all, David G4ZAO.

No apologies necessary Dave.
Your signals were just on my noise level, with QSB.
I was reading just a few letters and gave a call when you finished with Phil,
but QSB took you out and nil further was heard.
Many thanks for trying.

Here in the Algarve on holiday again and activating the following SOTA summits:-
Tuesday 11/04/2017 - CT/AL-002 & CL/AL-005.
Wednesday 12/04/2017 - CT/AL-007.

Once again many thanks to all the chasers who contacted me, which was much appreciated.

I was working CW on 7, 10, 14 & 18 MHZ.

7 and 10 were a dead loss with no contacts, and no RBNHOLE notifications at all.
14 MHZ was the band with all the QSO’s, and being spotted by RBNHOLE.
I called on 18MHz, was spotted by RBNHOLE, but had no contacts.

Once again thanks to all the chasers who contacted me.

I will update the SOTA database in due course.

Whilst activating CT/AL-004 (Serra de Monchique) today my aerial snapped so the activation had to end prematurely.

I made some temporary repairs so I was ready for the next activation in the afternoon.

So apologies to those that were calling me on 20M who didn’t get an answer.