Good to see the Brits emerging from their lockdown caves again :grin:. After the 20C and sunshine my first activation this year is forecast to be in rain/sleet and -2 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. It must be a bank holiday

I’m not anticipating problems socially distancing


It’s a cool but cracking day up here. I see Gavin GM0GAV is on Beinn Mhanach GM/CS-034 and he should get some great views. But with today being the first day we have had some freedom of movement since New Year I expect there will have been a pitched battle for the limited parking spaces for this one :slight_smile:


And the nice thing about the UK is that if you don’t like one weather forecast; just wait for a better one. Now forecasting lovely sunny weather tomorrow :grin:. (-3 and strong NW’ly breeze with gale force gusts mind :frowning:)

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