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Alerts problem?

Trying to alert and it keeps failing.

Doug W1DMH

Yep same here as many of us tried putting up GI/SM-004 as Esther up there now.


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Looks like the database server is down (which the SOTAWatch website uses for validation).

I was unable to spot David GM0EVV/P through the website, but an SMS spot via Rucksack worked okay and I note the RBN has been producing spots as well.

Have been trying the same for about 30mins, cant get in to database, or summits, comes up with error !!

Looks like the database server is now restarting…

In the meantime, you may be able to use: http://www.sota.org.uk/Spotlite

Database website is back running now, perhaps SOTAWatch will accept spots/alerts now.

Many thanks Ed.

This afternoon’s short outage was due to the server being rebooted as MS-Windows security patches were applied.

Due to how Windows and Windows Server is designed, the software often needs to be rebooted to make recent patches become live.

I expect about 1hr a month of outage as Windows patches are applied. I don’t know exactly how long the server was off before I received reports of the issue. But by the time I’d walked to the car park, driven the 4miles home, parked the car and booted up a PC here, things were coming back.

I normally wait at least an hour before I file a fault ticket with the hosts simply to allow patches and reboots to occur. By all means, continue to notify me as soon as you spot problems but due to the number I receive I probably wont reply.

Now to find out why the SMS server decided to " go on strike in sympathy" at the same time.

Did it? I managed to spot via SMS through Rucksack without any issues.

It was throwing errors regarding the speed of response.