Alerts not showing up

I’ve tried posting alerts for tomorrow (multiple times multiple summits) but they are not showing up.

Is there an issue with the system? Anyone else having the same issue? I’ve tried on the computer and my mobile device with no luck…

No problem posting alerts directly through the Sotawatch website here:


And for tommorrow:

Perhaps try again?

Maybe check for day and month order?

I wondered that as well - US vs European format dates? That would mean that Evan was trying to post an alert in the past, which would of course not appear. i.e. 5th April instead of 4th May.

Hi Evan,
Pay attention to what you are writing on the comments box in your alert. I fear you might be using some of those unrecognised or unauthorised characters.
This already happened to me.
Please, check the thread I started back in 2016 called “Unable to raise an alert” and you’ll probably find the answer…

Good luck.


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