Alert W0C/FR-167 2000Z KX0R



I’ll be activating W0C/FR-167 at about 2000 Z.

7.033-10.113-14.063-18.093 CW in that order.
Look at the RBN at about 2000-2100 Z for my spots.

PLEASE SPOT ME - I can’t self-spot!

If you can’t spot - system may still be down - please spot as a reply right here in this thread.



on now 7.034

on 10.113 now

on 14.063 now

on 18.093 now

I notice my twitter feed of the sotawatch spots were working today so was able to see spots coming across on my cell phone, but unfortunately I wasn’t home to chase you guys :wink:

Another good program to run is VE7CC’s excellent CC User cluster program. I have alarms set for almost all the activators that are active. Once RBN catches you, I get the alarm for the “DX I’m looking for” :wink:

73, Todd KH2TJ


Thanks to WA6MM’s (Brad) SMS-NA spots of me, and NU7A’s spots here, I had a perfectly lovely activation in spite of no SOTAwatch alert, and no RBN-Hole spots, as a result of no alert. I made 46 contacts on 40-30-20-17 CW, and the many chasers were aware of the situation and seemed extra sharp today! The RBN was running well, and I got the most RBN spots I ever saw, since I called CQ a lot.

DM1CM was very helpful to provide and actively manage an alternative alert page, which is still up! This was one more aid that got me going today!

The last contact was ZL1BYZ, on 18.093, and it didn’t hurt that I had 66 feet of wire running right above the top of the cliffs on the huge quartzite ridge!

W0C/FR-167 was a long, tiring snowshoe climb, mostly off-trail, through deadfall and up snowy talus, and it was no picnic on top. The weather was pretty good for January at 9400 feet elevation. Somehow I was on the air only a few minutes off my intended time, and WA6MM was there calling almost immediately! It didn’t hurt that I could see out across most of the Denver metro area, and signals to Brad were easy.

Thanks to all of you, for your firendly, helpful SOTA spirit!



Great job activating yesterday George (KX0R) We couldn’t make that off-trail climb in the snow easier for you but at least we could help you make contacts!

I saw Barry’s (N1EU) message that SMS spots were getting through and I saw some of those spots on Sotawatch. I decided to dust off my SMS-NA account that Andy (MM0FMF) set up for me years ago and gave it a try. It took a bit longer for the first spot as I needed to figure out the protocol again ;-).

I think this reinforces the need to have several tools in your SOTA spotting toolbox. I suspect many chasers rely on the Sotawatch spots…particularly phone activators. CW activators have more options with the RBN.

73, Brad