Alert: summit not recognized -- bug?

I’m trying to post an alert for my very first activation on JA/ON-041, which is an unnamed but listed summit in Okinawa. But a mouseover shows “summit not recognized”. I’d hate to put off prospective chasers, so what’s going on? Steve JS6TMW

Should that be JA6/ON-041?

ON doesn’t exist as a region in the JA association but it does in JA6.

73 Marc G0AZS

Confirmed JA6

just looked me self and found ON in JA6 files as JA6/ON-41

As I have found with system, all letters numbers etc must be put in correctly or it spits it out.


Great - I’ll change it and see what happens. Steve

Yep, Marc got it right. All’s well and I’ve got the mosquito repellent packed.

Well yes but I assume you are going to Okinawa Steve… otherwise something else is wrong and you are entering an incorrect region code for a Honshu summit.

723 Marc G0AZS

Thanks Marc, I got befuddled by my friend JP1QEC’s alert in JA-land
I’m already in Okinawa and the summit (ahem!) is 10 kms from my house. This will be grueling - it’s 500 meters from a convenience store. But it’s across the road from a golf course, so some danger from flying golf balls involved :wink:

72/3 JS6TMW (AI6KX)

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