Alert showing me as not registered on Sotawatch? (Sorted! Thank you all)

Hi all, added an alert yesterday for my 1st attempt at a SOTA summit, but when I tap on the alert, it’s showing me as not registered…

Did a search on the reflector, but only found old posts… any idea what I did wrong?

I’ll still be attempting the activation, but wanted to get the issue sorted out.

Bob (G1UUO)

Hi Bob

Have you Alerted with a ZERO in your callsign instead of capital O

Allan GW4VPX

Hi Bob,

Most likely you have registered at SOTAwatch with G1UUO/P ?
In that situation the lookup does not work.

EDIT: Sorry, no that’s a thing that happens with spots.
Allen is correct. The call that you alerted has a zero:

73 Joe

You have entered G1UU0 not G1UUO.

Thanks to the eagle eyed repliers!

That’ll teach me to alert from a campsite after a nip or two to keep out the cold :wink:




Thanks again for the replies to my post, activation was achieved. Now I just need to tackle adding the info to the SOTA database… being careful with my zeros and letter ‘0’s obviously :wink: