Alert 05/09/2018 I/LO-172

Hi guys!
I’m going to Venturosa I/LO-172
I will qrv at 08:30 utc, freq. 7.115ssb 7.038cw 10.124cw 14.064cw and 14.285ssb
See you later!

Thank you to all cheasers and also to Ed for correction of data.

Another photo from yesterday


Hi Roberto,
How did you go yesterday? Did you get enough contacts to qualify the summit, despite the problems with SOTAWatch?

From that picture, it looks like the summit was just at the start of the clouds!

73 Ed.

Thanks Roberto from the S2S. I was in front of you!

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hi Ed,
I had a problem to install the antenna, I didn’t know where to fix the end wire.
I opted to tie it on a little stone and throw it on the rope between cross and alpine-rescue-antenna repeater.
I started to calling cq on 7.038 cw at about 08:30utc, I managed 10 qso, of wich one s2s with ik2ley/p on I/LO-326 Pizzo Formico a few km SE , the signals weren’t strong and some with qsb.
I qsy on 7.122 ssb but nobody heard me.
I tryed on 10.124 cw, only one qso.
in the last I called on 14.280 ssb but I thought that the band was closed,
this time I had th-f7 with me, I managed 2 qso fm qsb about 150km each one.


Well done on the contacts Roberto - that one into Finland looks good on the map. I found the bands were terrible yesterday but seem a little better today.

I think you did very well to get all the contacts especailly if SOTAWatch wasn’t working - or was it fixed before you finished your activation?

73 Ed.

Thanks Ed,
I finished before sotawatch was fixed, fortunately a lot of chaser had watched sota reflector.
I think that for the next times I will take with me the th-f7.
Thank you at all again