Alabama SOTA next week

Next week I’ve got a business trip to central AL for a few days, with an afternoon off Wednesday. I’m planning to activate W4A/PT-001 likely mid-afternoon.

Are there any activators interested in meeting up who know the summits in the area? I’ll have a rental car, KX2, mast, dipole, etc. I may pack a 2m HT as well. I’m reluctant to get too far in the sticks; I hear the snakes there will eat your lunch.


Bueller? Anyone?

I don’t think there’s too many activators in Alabama itself. I activated W4A/PT-001 with Pat @WW4D who graciously lent me a station as my bags attempted lamely to follow me around the US after a flight cancellation. Pat drove over from past Atlanta though.

Cheaha Mountain is dead simple though - drive to the top. Pat set up a HF station behind one of the picnic shelters, and I had my HT with me. I worked enough on the HT to qualify but it wasn’t super quick from memory. Rounded it out with HF contacts on Pat’s station. Stupidly didn’t call Pat on VHF for the complete when I had to stop at the base of the mountain to call the airline’s baggage (mis)handling arm.

Sorry you didn’t get the responses you were hoping for here! I had planned to activate this summit earlier this week during a family vacation but kids and boating got in the way. It’s a simple enough drive up it seems, so I wish you the best on your activation! Let us know how it goes!!

Quite the opposite. I’ve had three different emails from dudes who’ve been here recently. Got some good gouge; good plan for later this week. Agree simple drive-up and get some intel on a second peak nearby.

This is a pretty easy drive up, plenty of picnic tables to hang out in…I had carried my HT up into the tower hoping to get some ATL chasers but no such luck. Try and get there early as it’s hot this time of year there!

Successful activation. I got a Germany QSO as well.

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