Aktivierer MW0HCU/p

Falsches Call

In reply to DL8DXL:

M0HCU operating in GW = MW0HCU!

11/Jan/2013 G/WB-004 (Titterstone Clee Hill) M0HCU/P 23 2 3 5
14/Feb/2013 G/WB-015 (Callow Hill) M0HCU/P 31 1 0 6
15/Feb/2013 G/WB-002 (Brown Clee Hill) M0HCU/P 21 2 3 11
04/May/2013 G/WB-004 (Titterstone Clee Hill) M0HCU/P 29 0 0 11
07/May/2013 G/WB-010 (The Wrekin) M0HCU/P 17 1 0 12
02/Jun/2013 G/WB-004 (Titterstone Clee Hill) M0HCU/P 39 0 0 12
21/Jun/2013 G/WB-005 (Long Mynd - Pole Bank) M0HCU/P 14 2 0 14
25/Jun/2013 G/WB-018 (View Edge) M0HCU/P 10 1 0 15
06/Jul/2013 G/WB-016 (Wapley Hill) M0HCU/P 10 1 0 16
20/Jul/2013 G/WB-014 (Burrow) M0HCU/P 22 1 0 17
24/Jul/2013 G/NP-028 (Rombald’s Moor) M0HCU/P 10 1 0 18
31/Aug/2013 G/WB-004 (Titterstone Clee Hill) M0HCU/P 13 0 0 18
21/Sep/2013 GW/MW-026 (Long Mountain-Beacon Ring) MW0HCU/P 17 1 0 19

In reply to DL8DXL:

:21/Sep/2013 Summit:GW/MW-026 (Long Mountain-Beacon Ring) Call Used:MW0HCU/P Points: 1 Bonus: 0
Time Call Band Mode Notes
13:50z MC0MRS 144MHz FM Steven in Chirk
14:05z GW0AGZ 144MHz FM John in Llanymynech
14:25z 2E0TDX/M 144MHz FM Neil in Ellesmere Port
14:30z M6BLV 144MHz FM John in Ellesmere Port
14:34z G6ODU 144MHz FM Bob in Ormskirk
14:40z 2E0XYL 144MHz FM Karen on the Wirral
15:08z N4EX 24MHz SSB Rich in NC USA
15:30z EA2DT 14MHz SSB Manuel in Spain
15:35z DL3DXL 14MHz SSB Manfred in Germany
15:35z EA3EGB 14MHz SSB Manel in Spain
15:35z HA5LV 14MHz SSB Viktor in Budapest
15:36z EA2CKX 14MHz SSB Pedro in Spain
15:38z OK1SDE 14MHz SSB Borek in Czech Republic
15:40z OE7WGT 14MHz SSB Karl in Austria
15:41z OE7PHI 14MHz SSB Hansjoerg in Austria
15:42z I2CZQ 14MHz SSB Pietro in Italy
15:43z OK1DVM 14MHz SSB Miroslav in Czech Republic

He logged DL3 not DL8 :frowning: maybe typo.