Aircraft Scatter

I know our Australian friends have been playing about with Aircraft Scatter a bit… I recently came across some software via another forum (yes there are some out there… :wink: ) that could be of use to someone. - AirScout - Software for Aircraft Scatter Prediction

I don’t have any Windows systems at the minute to try it out, but it does look rather ‘neat’.


Hi Don

I use FlightRadar24, installed on an iPad to monitor the position of aircraft. Aircraft Enhancement on 2m and 70cm is a very exciting mode and offers many rewards to those who have loads of patience. :slight_smile:

My first 2m AE S2S (March 2013) was with Allen VK3HRA at a distance of 494 km.

I have a number of AE/VHF Dx posts at blog


Andrew (VK1AD)

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The problem is that time on a summit is usually quite limited for one reason or another. When activating in GM/SS I often experience enhanced signals between the Midlands and Scotland when planes fly the Birmingham - Glasgow / Edinburgh routes. However, I would not have time to check out possibilities using prediction software. For me it is what it is, an added bonus which may or may not produce results. I class it in the same category as ducting - great if you get it, but do not expect it to happen.

Memories of working Don G0RQL in Devon from GM/SI-110 Knap of Trowieglen on the island of Hoy at a distance of 887km (551 miles) still ranks as one of my favourite moments in SOTA. GM7UAU, G4UXH, G1ZJQ, M0JDK and G0TRB were worked in sequence as the duct lengthened.

73, Gerald G4OIG