Ailunce HS2 All Band SDR Transceiver

Not sure this transceiver has been brought to the SOTA community’s attention?

Details on the Moonraker Website

Hi Mark

VK3PF was talking about 2 years ago

interesting but quiet difficult to setup on the hills

73, Éric

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It’s reviewed in the current (December 2021) Radcom. There seem to be a lot of negatives.

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Hi Mark

@M0NOM Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on this radio…very interesting.

I’m keeping my eye on this rig (Xiegu X6100) which will probably be available in the UK from February? I would think Sinotel will import it?

Lots of holes to allow ingress of water though😕

73 Allan

For a Xiegu it is a good looking radio.

Just of note that the Discovery TX-500 is now back in stock both at Martin Lynch and Nevada. Nevada are offering a Black Friday deal of 5% off which takes the price to £860.00 delivered. No such problems with water ingress :wink:

Regards, Mark.

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I read that article and it does seem as though there were a few software issues. I’m sure they can be fixed. It does look like a nice little rig

Moonraker now have their website updated for Black Friday - there are definitely some deals that SOTA folk will be interested in:

That Ailunce HS2 (with 300k~1.6 KHZ coverage according to Moonrakers ad - I presume that should be 300kHz to 1.6GHz?) looks remarkably similar to Radioddity’s QR20 100 kHz - 2GHz SDR 20W all mode transceiver:

it’s the same case if nothing else!

73 Ed.

I love the luxury flywheel VFO knob…

There’s an Eddystone enthusiast if ever I saw one. :wink:

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