Ailunce/G900 Aliexpress Beware!

Hi everyone, just a bit of advice. I bought an Ailunce/G900 multimode transceiver from China using AliExpress, it took eight weeks to arrive and when I came to test it on air it was faulty, kept dropping out of TX and the recorded TX audio was awful. I tried changing settings to no avail. The RX was accepatable. So I contacted AliExpress to return and get a refund. But the seller would not accept the radio back, and Aliexpress found in the seller’s favour and would not help me. Maybe it is a firmware issue, it does not appear to have the latest version, but I just don’t know. So here I am almost £600 out of pocket. I guess I could use the radio as a door stop! Len G8LXI


Did you pay with a credit card? If so, you should be able to claim through them as they are jointly and severally liable.


Problem is, the seller will not enter into dialogue and AliExpress has come down on his side. So I will never use AliExpress again, only UK bases companies.


But did you use a credit card? If so, you enter dialogue with the card company and it’s irrelevant what Aliexpress say.

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I had a bad experience with a 550 euro Xiegu X108 last year; after 2 years of use the display stopped working. I opend the case and was appalled at the build quality. The flat wire was broken and beyond repair. Result: no reaction on my claim beacause the dealer stopped selling Xiegu after a lot of complaints. Chinese is a very difficult language with more than 4000 characters…but two characters are missing: reliability and quality. So buy a Elekraft or Yeasu or Kenwood…