Ailsa Craig

Am I right in saying that GS0AYR/P was actually outside of the activation area, as far as SOTA is concerned, and consequently, no-one should log it in the database as a genuine SOTA contact?

73 Mike GW0DSP

I worked them on 14MC, Mike, and they told me they were at the lighthouse and it was horrendous weather. So unless lighthouse is on the summit I suppose it will not be a valid expedition for SOTA.


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You are correct in your assumption Mike.
I heard John GW4BVE confirming with the station that they were NOT on the summit.
It was their intention to go -but WX not suitable.

Roger G4OWG

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Thanks Peter & Roger, I bet that a few have logged it in error, pity about the wx because it is such a rare one.


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From the Met Office web site for Ailsa Craig area

Wind Variable 3 or 4 becoming north or northwest 4 or 5, later increasing 6
or 7, occasionally gale 8 in north.
Sea state Moderate or rough, occasionally very rough later in north.
Weather Rain then showers.
Visibility Moderate or poor becoming mainly good.

Very rough means waves 6m in height. Rather them than me.


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Sounds like they may be there for a while!!!

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With stating the obvious the lighthouse is on the coast of the island and a long way from the summit if you have a look at streetmap. Shame the weather was poor for them not to be able to go to the summit.

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Long way? Anquet says 0.4miles and only a 321m climb from the lighthouse to the summit and a lardbucket like me should complete the climb in 39minutes. Doesn’t sound hard to me!

OK, it’s a bit steep in places. Say 1hr to allow for that.

Perhaps not then! :wink:

To be serious, from the lighthouse side it really doesn’t look to be any great effort assuming you have half decent weather and not some howling wind.

Biggest problem is getting there. Shame they couldn’t activate it for SOTA. Better luck next time guys.


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I agree Andy - the biggest prob is getting thr - the rest is downhill (so to speak!).
73 de Cris

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Is it correct that ALL curling stones are made from stone from Ailsa Craig?

If so, let’s hope the sport doesn’t grow too much in popularity, or there won’t be a summit left in a few years, hi.