Aibelhöhe OE/ST-468

The warm weather was perfect for a double activation today. Aibelhöhe and Sauernkogel are nearby and quite easy for a double activation. When I got to the Aibelhöhe, I found the summit has undergone significant improvements. As well as a summit cross, there is now a table and chair:

Next to the table is what looks like a well:

This is, in fact, a drinks dispenser. When you turn the handle, a steel bucket comes out of the ground that is loaded with drinks (in summer). There is an honesty box, where you can pay, screwed onto the post. I almost regret today being a winter activation, it would be great to crack open a beer in summer. The antenna can be set up on the fence behind the cross:

If there is a better SOTA summit than this, I’m yet to find it. To cap it all off, I worked Japan at lunchtime from the Sauernkogel.
73 de OE6FEG


What a DX! Good job!

73, Aden

Hi Matt,

Aiblhöhe is now on my wish-list! I want to see and use the well!

Thanks for the fotos and report and congrats on your DX! Would you please share where you can park. I am not familiar with this area.

73 Heinz

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Here is a link to where I park:

Dropped pin

There is just enough room to pull off the road without blocking any access. It is best to go high straight away as there are many farms with dogs loose on the south side. Not really dangerous, but I like to keep out of the way.
73 Matt

Thanks Matt for the both s2s
73 from F/AM-605