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Age 61 yrs 8 months when I got the GOAT.


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I’m ok with double points! I’m a youngin’ at 23. (Not a goat yet though.)

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With my M0DFA call (VHF only), I achieved SS on 9 Dec 2006 (Age 60) and MG on 8 March 2007 (Age 60).
With my original call, G6DTN, counting only confirmed QSOs, I achieved SS (HF SSB only) on 23 Dec 2012 (Age 66) and SS (HF CW only) on 16 Dec 2013 (Age 67).
I’m currently on 816 points towards my HF MG, which I hope to achieve some time in 2015.

Being fully retired helps, but an ageing body doesn’t, and neither has a run of poor summers.

The goal after getting my HF goat? Who knows.

Best regards, Dave, G6DTN


I achieved Mountain Goat when I was 19 years old on 10/03/12.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Somewhere near the other end of the range, I reached MG shortly before my 68th birthday. I had only 12 points at the time of my 65th and am still hoping to reach 250 uniques before my 69th.

Returning to the original point; no concessions for age, please. Do we want second class awards just because we are old and our joints are starting to complain?


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250 uniques before my 69th.

MG is easy compared to 250 uniques.

Andy (249 uniques)

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I am certainly finding it quite difficult and involving travelling a long way. Only 6 to go.
South Coast and IoW next, and that is quite far enough. If you are on 249 I think you should beat me to it unless work gets in your way. Good luck.


At the other end of the scale. I’ve done 332 activations for 235 points. So, I reckon somewhere around another 1000 activations required to achieve MG.

73 Mike

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Yes, but look at your S2S score :-))


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Barry M0IML and Ricky MW6GWR are the s2s kings these days, Rod :wink:

Think I’ve spent too much time on 12m recently.

73 Mike

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MG is easy compared to 250 uniques.

Unless you achieve MG all on uniques. :wink:

My MG was my 305th summit and (to submit to the original thread) I was 58. I purposely chose Scafell Pike G/LD-001 for my MG activation and was awarded with a lousy damp and misty day and a crowded summit in what was supposed to be summer. I far more enjoyed Paul’s MG activation (G4MD) on Helvellyn G/LD-003 three months later on a warm sunny autumn day when there was virtually no wind.

As for those uniques - why waste time, effort and expense on repeating summits? Each new hill is a totally new adventure. With 433 under my belt I am still as keen to experience new hills and let the satnav take me down roads I’ve not driven before.

73, Gerald G4OIG

This is easy for me, since it is so freshly earned. 47.75 years old! I may be younger than most MGs and I still feel that I am just a newcomer to the scene. I am lucky to have a lot of high point summits in my area and I prefer to spend my time at the higher elevations anyway, so the points came rather quickly.

Although I am always looking for more uniques, there are some summits that I will return to at the drop of a hat, day after day. The hike and the views are the reward and the activation is just icing on the cake. But there are plenty that I have been to that definitely don’t warrant a return trip!

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I was just 60 when I reached Mountain Goat, after 7.5
years activating. I started in 2005. Has anyone took longer to reach

MG took me 8 years and 2 days (at age 57).

Martyn M1MAJ

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As for those uniques - why waste time, effort and expense on repeating
summits? Each new hill is a totally new adventure. With 433 under my
belt I am still as keen to experience new hills and let the satnav
take me down roads I’ve not driven before.

Different strokes etc! For me a hill is something to be explored, rather than just take a popular route to the summit and tick it on a list. Look at Snowdon, GW/NW-001. You can climb it by the Railway, the Miners Path, the PyG track, the Snowdon Ranger, the Beddgelert track, the Horseshoe, the Rhyd Ddu track, and those are just the tracks that I can remember the name of,I have done several more. If you’re up for a scramble you can take the Parson’s Nose Arete, If you want some easy fun on winter snow you can take Parsleyfern Gully…the list is endless, and each route shows a different facet of a complex and intriguing mountain. Look at Helvellyn, I can think of five different approaches off-hand, each a unique experience, to be savoured like a fine wine. So yes, it’s great to collect uniques, but repeat activations are an opportunity to explore a different aspect of a summit - plus you will probably work new people under perhaps different conditions or on different bands.

I’m not criticising your way, Gerald, you do it the way that makes you happy, I’m just providing an answer to your rhetorical question.


Brian G8ADD

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Gerald - I only wish that I could get away from my two local summits.
In the past before getting my licence and being confined to home most of the time looking after my wife who is totally disabled due to MS. I climbed every mountain in England and Wales plus over 300 in Scotland as well as several hundred in the rest of the world.

If I could get away from home believe me I would - in the meantime I am enjoying collecting s2s from those two hills because I have no choice.
A good enough reason I think.

MG at age 63 to keep on subject.


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I wholly agree with your sentiments Brian in answer to the question that I posed, which was admittedly rather tongue in cheek. :slight_smile: There are obviously many alternative approaches to activating and we all set our individual parameters. For me the enjoyment starts as soon as Paul and I leave the roads that are familiar to us. It is the complete exterience that is important and trudging the same route time and again is not for me. I guess I never will earn a plaque on a seat overlooking a great view on some obscure hillside.

Despite my focus on uniques, there are summits that I would gladly activate again. However, while there are still plenty of new ones to do and until I run out of options, I’ll keep on with the uniques.

One thing though regarding MG - it took me 4 years and 5 months to get the 1000 points and over the following 3 years and 9 months I’ve only added another 368. There is a down-side to uniques in that the summits are further away and the frequency of activations slows down, but it my choice.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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This is easy for me, since it is so freshly earned. 47.75 years old!
I may be younger than most MGs …

To adjust the statistics a bit I add:
DB7MM MG at age of 36 after 6 years of SOTA, Shack Sloth at 34.
Of course I cannot compete with K1MAZ (23) and M0HGY (19).

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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To continue the thread …
I suppose my MG award age is about the average: got it 3 days before my 40th birthday.
My son SO9ARK became Mountain Goat while still a teenager, being 11.5 years old.

Marcin SQ9OZM