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Congratulations Dave

Roland K7FOP

Congrats and welcome to the herd, Dave.

Congratulations Dave !

Congrats Dave and welcome to the herd! It’s really great to see operators like you who not only activate but also take the time to chase. Thanks for all the contacts my friend!
73, Brad

Congrats David on MG. Always look forward to working you on a summit.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats :goat: Dave! 73 Karen

Congratulations Dave on your species change–BAAAAA.
Thanks for coming to check on me when I was activating Morton Hill.


Thanks, everyone, for all the kind comments! It is always a pleasure to work the SOTA chasers from the summits!

It has been five years since I discovered SOTA and started on my path to MG, and I couldn’t be happier with my journey and all the friends I have made along the way.

Chasers have always been there to help me activate a summit, and, in my case, are incredibly patient with my cw skill level. In addition, I have really enjoyed meeting fellow SOTA hams, whether on joint activations arranged over the internet, or at SOTA camp-outs, dinner MG celebrations, and at hamfests in Dayton, Ohio and Huntsville, AL.

I’m looking forward to continuing to share the comaraderie of the SOTA community on my future activations and chases!


Dave, AE9Q

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How cool and amazing to hear you yesterday on 5.332 MHz CW on W7A/AW-006, Mount Union, your MG Peak! Then to make our S2S contact from W0C/FR-054 was the icing on the cake!!

Your CW keeps getting better, and it’s always a pleasure to find you on the bands!

Good luck on your 2X MG !!


Carey (George)


Congrats on MG! You did it!!! Sorry I missed you on the air, but will catch you sometime soon.

73, Jim K7MK

Way to go Dave! Take a breath, relax, then start working on Double Goat!

Ron and Liz

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Congratulations Dave on your MG status!
thanks for all the chaser points too
Gary K3TCU

Sorry I missed you on your Mountain Goat day. Just couldn’t pull you out. I heard you once on 17 meters and then you faded. Thanks for all the chaser points and wishing you many more successful activations. Enjoy the moment! 73 de Scotty

Congratulations Dave! Looking forward to congratulating you in person at your MG celebration!
–Chris K7TAB

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FB Dave.
Rich. N6PKT

Congratulations my friend! Welcome to the herd.
Keep Calm
And Call

73’s Dean ~ K2JB