AE1MS and AE1JS are now 2x MGs

Congratulations to Mark, AE1MS, and Jean, AE1JS, on achieving 2x Mountain Goat today (25Mar2024) on W4T/SU-006 Mt. Kephart in Tennessee!
Always great to work them on summits.
73 Gary


Congrats Mark and Jean!

Ken and Kay, KE7BGM

Congrats and well earned. Now on to 3X Goat.

Gary - W0MNA

Congrats Mark and Jean. Always great to work you and be worked by you.

73,Dave KO4YLZ

Congratulations to both of you, and thanks for the chasing (me of you, you of me) and the S2S we’ve shared. Always a pleasure!
73, Scott WB8ICQ

Baaah! And all uniques! Very well done!

Andy, N4LAG

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Congrats to two of my favorite radio people! Hope to work you both on many more summits. N0CRL and KX4NMC also send their congrats.

Dan, KX4JN

Congrats Mark and Jean! 2x MG all uniques is amazing! Its always a pleasure to hear your voices on the air.
73, Scott, K2CPT

Congrats friends! Such an amazing accomplishment for you two! Happy to have worked you on so many!
Debbie KQ4IAM

So happy to hear this! I decided this past weekend that I had to get more involved from the chaser/hunter side and started to monitor SOTAwatch, and guess who my first SOTA contact was being the chaser? That’s right - had a solid QSO with AE1MS and AE1JS on top of W4C/WM-026 and W4C/WM-027 on 3/24/25 both on 40M. Pretty cool stuff being on the other end of the conversation and even cooler that they both achieved MGx2 status.Congrats Mark and Jean and it was great to talk to you!

Congrats Mark and Jean! So glad we could squeeze in a QSO yesterday…you were in and out, then vanished just as Jean gave her signal report :rofl:

Looking forward to more QSOs and campfire conversations in the future!

Michael, N4DCW

Congratulations! Glad to make chaser SOTA contacts with you on your 2X MG Summit! Great SSB signal into NH! 73 Bob AC1Z

Congrats Mark and Jean!

73 de N4AAJ

Congratulations Mark and Jean, impressive achievement. Love bumping into you happy folks in the past,

Hopefully see you at the Virginia campout,


Awesome accomplishment! Two times GOAT with no duplicates! Y’all are a great team! Looking forward to catching you on a summit again soon!
73, N4AJJ

Congratulations Mark and Jean!

Matt, KQ4CCP

Congratulations Mark and Jean. Very nice work!

Ken, W4KAC

Congrats to you both, nice job!

73 Paula k9ir

Mark and Jean,

BRAVO, well-done to “team AE1-”

Now. . . . you can both go and get some cross-country time of another type: in that Cessna 172 airplane.

-summits look a little different from aloft :slight_smile:

73/88 de Sevim, WB8BHN

Mark and Jean

Well done and thanks for all the recent 10m chases!!