Advise for HB0/LI-011


Some of you will be in Friedrichshafen … and maybe some of you will be active on the summits … maybe in hb0 …
Over 2000m there is still a lot of snow, the Helwangspitz offers 8 Points. It is hikeable from the south
Usually you park at Gaflei. Currently there is a construction site.
A good alternative is Silum. There is a closed restaurant with parking. 100m along the road is a signpost to Bärgälla. It’s easy to walk.
There is no mark to the Helwangspitze - but it’s easy to find with OpenTopoMap /OpenStreetMap. Take a screenshot with you.
The last part of the way is overgrown.
Have a nice time and a splendid view.

btw: we walked back via Plattenspitze - GREAT

73 Armin