Advice re solar charge controllers?

Hi all-
I’m investigating solar power for longer SOTA trips (and for Field Day 2021). I’m looking for advice on solar panels and charge controllers at the 5A/12V level, (maybe 10A/12V to give myself room for growth) with a gel-cell battery. This would be for very short hikes, so size & weight aren’t as important as usual. RF noise is my biggest concern. Any advice for how to find a controller that minimizes it or how to mitigate it? What else should I be looking for? Thanks very much for your input-

Ross, NS7F

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Take a look at the stuff that OH8STN is using - search his call on YouTube. He has some great videos on batteries and solar setups for portable HF operations.


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Hi Ross,
I use a Bionneo 12/24V 20 amp controller, link below. Though I use it with a LIFEPO4 battery it will also charge SLA/Gell batteries as well. Operating within 8 feet of it and no RF hash.

Howard, KEMAK

Bioenno Solar Controller

If your running QRP, your better off bringing more battery.

If not, check out the Genasun charge controller:
It’s RF quiet and works well. That’s what I use when stationary for a few days (which isn’t often, I would rather hike). YMMV.

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