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Advice for Germany trip

I will take my usual Germany tour again this June, perhaps to Thüringen. My question is, if I drive on the autobahn through a green zone - do I need to buy an Umweltplakette if I do not come off the autobahn? For example driving the E40 through the Ruhrgebiet. I would rather spend money on beer rather than give it direct to the Government.

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No, Autobahnen in Thg (A4, A9, A38 and the way to the summits=A71/73) are not Green Zones. You need an Umweltplakette in Thg only for the inner city of (my hometown) Erfurt.
List of the German Environmental office about existing “Umweltzonen” City names

Thanks for the info Christian, I know Erfurt is uwz therefore I am looking to stay in or near Gotha. When I drive from the ferry in Dunkirk, France, the best way is via the Ruhrgebiet that was my reason for asking.
Thanks -73.

Gl with the tour - if you want to be close to a gravity center of THG-summits in the Rhön I would recommend the Meiningen area on the other side of the Rennsteig ridge - but ok, the former counts there were not as close relatives to the Windsors as is the case with Gotha :wink: :wink:
(therefore Gotha has/had high hopes that the Queen will/would visit Gotha during her Germany trip in June).
If any more infos needed call@darc.de
73 Chris DL8MBS

Hey Steve…
Because of a big Family party i can`t go to FN this year. But i have my vacation in this time. Maybe we can meet us after long time on a TH summit? Pse send me an E-Mail or something via Facebook…I´m looking forward to see you.

73 de Tom

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Will do Tom, will be last week in June. You can bring the Radeberger hi. My first time in the old East Germany except Berlin. I am looking forward to it.!

Edit, DM/SX-058 would be a new one for me :wink:

As you SOTA-athletes will be too late for the Bierathlon at DM/TH-016 running now on 21stMay from Ilmenau to the top of this 10-pointer (students having done half of their term form teams of 4 to race up with one box of 20 full 0,5l bottles), a local proposal: At the foot of (yet) DM/TH-379 sits a museum brewery (google: singen brauerei) - possibly to combine Steve’s two hobbies and to reduce the load on Tom (isn’t Radeberger now an everyday beer…).
Enjoy :smile:

We are from 27th JUN in that area … DM/TH => DM/SX => OK/KA

Will contact you Mario, see if we can have another joint activation or even just a beer. I would also like to activate OK for a new country.
73 Steve.

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Give Schwarzbier a try! Except the most popular Köstritzer Schwarzbier you don’t get it in the western states.


Hi Pom, I don`t like Köstritzer Schwarzbier, I think it is a little bland, it is widely available in the UK. I like beer trips to Bamberg and Ober Franken in general. One of my favorites is Klosterbräu’s Schwärzla from Bamberg.

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