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Advice for DC and SC desired


From 17.Aug. we have a vacation apartment in Newquay for a week. After that we’re heading to Weymouth for a week before flying home.

Of course, I looked at the G / DC and G / SC summits on SOTA MAP.

But you have more experience. Is there a recommendation? What can be combined well with a nice hike?

If you could only do one summit in DC and one in SC, which would it be?

73 Armin

I only have limited experience but I really enjoyed DC/002 Brown Willy. Nice shortish walk, brilliant views, , wonderful scenery, cream teas on the way back. Parked at Poldue Downs. I’m sure others have more experience but that is one hill I would do again. 73 Paul

Hi Armin,
Think it depends how far you want to drive from base whilst on holiday.
If you are staying in Newquay you might like to try DC2 which is not too far away.
None of the SC summits are much of a hike from where you can park.
SC9 is the least activated SC summit and might be combined with a longer walk from a more distant parking spot as close parking is not easy.
Alternatively you might consider visiting several of the south coast summits on the same day.
Combine SC9 with SC11 and maybe SC13 as well.
Happy holidays…

David, G3RDQ

For SC I’d second 009 as a very pleasant quiet spot. But 013 has the best views and a nice walk in from easy parking at the north side. Combine with local attractions — Swanage Railway and the ruins of Corfe Castle. Also nearby, and of high repute, are Bovington tank museum and Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre.

As I’ve seen, the summits are not all that far from the parking lot. You do not really have to walk that much.
But maybe it can be combined with a hike.
In any case, we will combine it with a cultural program. Nature and culture in one day is a perfect mix. :+1:
For which I will not inspire my sweetheart it is to make several summits in each other. :smirk:

73 Armin

Hi Armin

I will be in the area at the same time, with 2m and 70cm FM only. I’m not sure of my movements but perhaps an S2S might be possible. I’ll use SOTA Watch for alerts etc.


Bernard, VK2IB (using my UK call G4LGK on this trip)

Hi Bernard

Sorry - but I’ve no 2m or 70cm …

I’ll take my KX2 and a pole for the wire antennas with me. :neutral_face:

73 Armin

Hi Bernard,

M0TMD and I will be in G/SC in mid August. If you can alert/spot we’ll try to catch you.