Advice and Observations, Please

My old FT77 is beginning to creek, specifically the frequency readout intermittently randomly varying over about 20Hz (although the Rx stability seems OK). I am tempted by the FT450, especially with the current price & PX offer from ML&S. I wonder if anyone has any experience of this tcvr, or has any other suggestions.

Many thanks in advance


In reply to M0DFA:
I have a friend who uses the FT450 for portable operations (not SOTA) and he is very impressed with it, though like everyone else who has used it, he thinks the tuning knob is too small (not a problem to those who have used the FT817!)

For general purpose and portable use the FT857D is also good and covers 2m and 70 cm, too - no problem with the tuning knob on that one!


Brian G8ADD

I have an FT-897 in the shack, and I absolutely love it - as does Jimmy.


In reply to M0DFA:
I had a similar dilemma a while ago and eventually decided to go with the FT897D. Yes, it is more bulky than the FT857, but it is easier to use as a base station rig because of that - larger tuning knob, less cramped front panel etc. I have been delighted with it and when used for SOTA activations it performs great and of course it can house its own internal battery pack, which makes it heavier but more versatile.
I can truly recommend it based on my experience - hope this helps you in making a decision Dave.

73 Graham G3OHC