Adventure first time activation in Limpopo South Africa

ZS/LP-053 Ga-Monaasenamoriri - First time activation
ZS6BV Brian Jones and three sons, Eddie, Peter and Vernon
Friday 04:00 UTC Started hike from vehicle left in Ga-Kibi village in North West Limpopo
Friday 15:00 UTC Arrived on summit in beautiful weather
Camped two nights on summit
Saturday Morning set up, good comms on HF, local on 40 and 20m and DX on 20 and 15m
Summit to Summit with OM Sid ZS5AYC, Adele ZS5APT and Craig ZS5HAC on Mt Nebo, Mpumalanga
Wind got stronger and stronger through the day, packed up station in afternoon
Cold, strong winds and fast moving cloud over the mountain through the night
Twelve hours spent in our sleeping bags
Sunday 06:30 UTC Left summit hiking back to Ga-Kibi
Weather got progressively better coming off the mountain
Arrived at vehicle at 13:30 UTC.


Great to see the work you put in on Limpopo bear immediate fruit :smile:

Lovely views

Hi Andrew,
Thank you very much for everything you and Warren have done for SOTA in South Africa.
Our success is due to you. You were on the summit with us.