Advance pass

I passed the Advanced exam last Tuesday and so now I am forever, in the words of Ted Lowe, “This Young Man”, M0TYM.

Al Hopkins, Wolverhampton (2E0SCZ & M6ALR)

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Well done Al, congratulations!
Roger MW0IDX

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Well done! For now you can read it as “take your medal”!


Brian G8ADD

PS It will be fifty years in May since I passed the RAE, I know its silly, but I still have the pass slip amongst my souvenirs!

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Well done Al - “To Yonder Mountain”



Congratulations Al on getting your Full Licence.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Well done Alastair. FB. From the moment on Heath Mynd G/WB-007 when you looked a little too interested in my SOTA activation and wanted more than being the walking companion to full licensee is just 2 years and 2 months.
I hope this means you’ll stop bringing your copy of “Advance!” out to the pub and we can get on with the drinking?

David M0YDH
ps time to get a M0TYM log-in to SOTAWatch…

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Congratulations Alastair. Hope to work you soon with your new call.


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Well done Alistair, I know what an achievement it is these days to get that final step,(I still have nightmares from the formulas!!) and I know that David will have supported you through it! He was a great help to me when I took mine.

Congratulations !!!

Best 73


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Congrats Al

hoping to do my 2E0 in the coming months :slight_smile:

Matt M3WDS

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Thank you all for your kind comments. The biggest thanks must go to Mike Street, G3JKX, of Telford & Districts Amateur Radio Society for the way he tirelessly works at sharing his knowledge and running the many Foundation / Intermediate courses and Advanced tutorials. Thanks also to “Speedy”, 2E0KLS, for invigilating (as one who has invigilated secondary school GCSE / A-level etc., I know how hard it is to do it well !!!).

Thanks also to M0YDH (Dei Holman) for on-going inspiration and to the maths & science teachers of the King’s School Macclesfield (30 years ago !!!).

Al(astair) Hopkins, M0TYM, Wolverhampton, UK

PS. 2E0YYY has already won the pint for the first QSO with M0TYM (as always, from G/SP-004 !)

PPS. Thanks also to RMP Guarding (Telford) for providing the exam venue.

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Congratulations Al - very well done indeed.

Be careful buying Delilah beer - one sniff of the bar maids apron…

Enjoy your new call,