Administrators for Facebook

Ok friends of the group, I’m looking at some stations to be administrators of the Facebook group, as I’m wanting to step down, as I’m getting a little bit wound up with personal problems, anyone interested either in-box me (Steven Beaver Brown) or (James McGinty) on Facebook, I will say this group has run very well for the last god knows how long, but I feel I must hang my name up now 73 de m0sgb

Have you had many come forward Steve? You’ve done a marvellous job over very many years running a busy and healthy Facebook group, independent of SOTA but always supportive of our objectives - so from me, thank you.

I will help out. I do it for our company and another non profit.

Should be more than one person however.

Kent K9EZ

I am willing to help, also, but I have not administered any FB group before, so I don’t know if I would be a help or a hinderance. :slight_smile:

Dave, AE9Q

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