Adjustable stand for FT817

Just thought I might share this amongst those FT817 enthusiasts.

One of my fellow members of the Carmarthen Amateur Radio Society bought one of these last week at a ‘99p Stores’. I bought one today - 99p obviously. It’s designed for an Ipad but works perfectly for the FT817 - fully adjustable so that you can tilt the rig at an any angle to easily read the display - packs away neatly too - made of 3mm wire with plastic coating - lock with strong plastic knobs each side. Details on the packaging - Bluefox Computer Essentials - ipad desktop stand.

73 Allan GW4VPX


surely on Black Friday they would have been half price at 49.5p!
Of course you’d have to to join the scrum on the floor to pick one up :frowning:


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If money is no object, you can always buy one of these :-

Nice find Allan. My 817 has Palm Radio Peg Legs fitted for table top operation.
I thought every activator came with an 817 rig support. Mine is a left thigh HI. It rests on the same side as my microphone hand leaving the other side to battle with the pages of the Rite in the Rain logbook in the swirling winds found on the summits.
David M0YDH

Shwmae Dai

I don’t think I’d use it on my activations but it is ideal for working in the shack or other location around the house as you can set it to any angle so that you you can easily read the small display and operate the controls with an emphasis on the word ‘easily’.

Cymer ofal ar y mynyddoedd. Hwyl fawr.

Allan GW4VPX

Also available with slightly different packaging and the slightly higher price of £1 at Poundworld.

Or on eBay it’s UKL3.99 plus postage!

or UKL2.91 if you don’t mind waiting for delivery from Hong Kong

Both of the eBAY offering are available in different sizes.

Very good deal at 99 cents!

73 Ed.

On the other hand, don’t bother with the offering from Poundland, it isn’t adjustable and the 817 doesn’t sit well on it. Its perfectly OK for an Ipad, though!


Its exactly the same as the 99p Stores offereing just different packaging. “Smart Accessories” is the branding. I now have 1 from each store. Wow what a big spender :smile:


Mine from poundland is about 5 cm wider than the 817, its labelled “Signalex Tablet Stand”, but the stock is varying all the time so I’ll keep an eye open for something better suited to the rig. In the meanwhile my princely sum of one quid isn’t wasted as the kids bought me an Ipad for Xmas!


Fogot to include this in the last reply - this is the stand I have, specifically made for the FT817 by Nobbi - and used I believe by quite a few activators.

73 Ed.