ADIF Upload Question

If this was answered before, I apologize. I was just wondering about ADIF uploads. If I have a non SOTA contact in an ADIF file, will the database accept it and filter out the non SOTA contact or reject the entire file?

It is not hard for me to filter them out, but I was wondering what would happen if I missed one. :hiking_boot:

Ron, KI4TN

Hi Ron,

You should only include SOTA contacts in the log. It states this on the upload page:

“DO NOT upload your entire log - only export the entries for SOTA.”

Your file will be rejected.


-Josh WU7H

Thanks, Josh, and the answer couldn’t be more obvious. I have seen that screen countless times but didn’t remember the statement being there.

By the way, thanks for all the contacts and hope to work you many more times.