ADIF to CSV version V2.8

ADI2SOTA version 2.8 is on line:

In this new version, a ‘Notes’ field has been added, according to the SOTA file format

In your log, in the ADIF field containing the SOTA ref, you may add an S2S information such as:
“SOTA F/AM-340, S2S with HA5CW/P on HA/KM-028”
“F/AM-340” will be copied in “Full SOTA Reference field”, and “S2S with HA5CW/P on HA/KM-028” in “Notes” field.

Some other improvement such as information from ADIF field have been added.

A very big thank to Joska HA5CW for his help in this work.

73 Alain F6ENO

Thanks Alain and Joska for this very handy tool.

73, Peter - ON4UP

In reply to F6ENO:

Dear Alain!

The merit is your, as you wrote the program, it is exclusively your work! I only gave you ideas on potential improvement and the way of solving the tasks, finally helped you in testing. I hope that other SOTA addicts will enjoy the new features.

For activators: you got a new icon (a hand writing into a notebook). It reads the out of the first QSO record’s and enters it into each and every QSO records in an automated way. That is, you have to enter the reference of the activated summit manually only into the first one.

Both for activators and chasers: If the logger package you are using has a field in its QSO record, than the package automatically saves it into the ADI2SOTA.INI file and it is automatically loaded into the SOTA activator/chaser field of each and every QSO. The new version uses it as a default value. That is, you don’t have to enter it manually, but it may be overwritten if you click on the “Save SOTA CSV file” icon. Of course this procedure assumes that you do not enter here your civil or nick name but your callsign into field !

The new version memorises the ADI2SOTA window’s size and position, that is you may customize it as you like. (I forgot about testing this function, sorry!)

Finally: the new version memorises the location of both the xxx.ADI (input) file to be converted and the xxx.CSV (output) converted file, so you need not wander around in the browser window to get into the suitable directory. (Until now the windows offered you the directories that the last used application worked with.)

Alain, thanks a lot on behalf of the SOTA addict community for your open minded approach to my ideas and your effort implementing them!

73: Joska, HA5CW

Hello Alain and Happy New Year

Thank you for the update to the ADI2SOTA program. I like not having to put my callsign in each time I upload and not having to search for the file like before is a time saver with the latest update. You have done a good job and I am very grateful.

73 Phil G4OBK