ADIF Import

Strange one. End of year export from Log4OM using SOTA as the reference.
Selected all of 2020 as the criteria.
When it loads it comes up with the full list of entries but highlights that there are errors in the file and won’t import.
Bit of playing around finally figured it out.
It will only allow the ADIF to be imported into the database when new entries only are selected.
If there is a duplicate in the ADIF/database it won’t allow it to proceed…

First time I’ve tried this so not sure if its a Log4OM issue or a database issue.


Yes, this is a feature of the database. It stops duplicate activations, chases and S2S appearing.

Tks. Missed that…Just came up with the error but nothing to tell me what to look for.

It should be ticked under the duplicate column to the right of the QSO details

Yep it is. :grinning:

Wasn’t sure this was the cause of the errors until I tested with only new entries

All good now. Up to date and will remember the next time.