adi2sota v3

Last version (V3) to convert ADIF files in data base CSV format.

Now the soft remembers all windows size, operator’s call, used langage, and some other stuffs.

The soft recognizes the word ‘S2S’ in your ADIF Sota reference field
If you type something like :

  • “F/AM-340 S2S with GM/SS-131” , the soft will extract ‘F/AM-340’ in the data base SOTA ref field, and “S2S with GM/SS-131” in the data base ‘Note’ field
  • “F/AM-330 S2S with castle THB-106”, it will extract ‘F/AM-330’ in ref field and “S2S with castle THB-106” in the note field.

And now, thanks to Joska HA5CW’s precious help, it speaks:
F, G, HA, DL, I, PA, OZ, SM, LA, EA, SP, OK, 9A, S5, YO, CT langages.
We are working on SV, UA, UT langages which use special (very special…) characters.

Try it, and please report me if you find some mistakes.

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

Here is the program
You only need to unzip it under your favorite SOTA folder

In reply to F6ENO:

Hi Alain,

Played with Russian language in ADI2SOTA_Lg.txt file, it does work in hints and boxes, but does not work in the main window. If you need any assistance in this way, please let me know.

73! Alex UT4FJ

In reply to UT4FJ:
Hi Alex,

Glad to know Russian language works on your computer.
Since on mine, all Cyrillic characters are displayed as ‘???’, I masked UA, UT (and Greek) flags.
I think that, on your system, fonts are working, not on mine.

So, thank you for your help.
I send you an updated version. Let’s see if it works. I think your email address is OK on

Best 73 and thanks for your help

Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:

i’m doing some small corrections of the german language-file today … i will send the updated file to alain, f6eno soon.

vy73 de martin

In reply to OE5REO:
Fine Martin,

I suppose there are some other minor mistakes, so every help is welcome.

73 Alain