Hello all

As you know, there is a new “v2” version for the Database file format (thanks Andy MM0MFM)
You will find here
a new version of ADI2SOTA software.
It manages now the S2S QSO and the CSV output file conforms to the V2 version.
There are only 2 languages (French and English) but it’s easy to create new languages files.

A new software “SAISIE SOTA” may be useful for activators;
it can be downloaded here :
It is a “fast entry” for your DXpedition QSOs
It creates 2 files: an ADIF for your logging software and a CSV file for the SOTA database (v2)

These 2 softwares are using a world summit SOTA REF file created from M1MAJ “Summits.kmz” file; thanks Martyn.

Of course, the English version is not perfect because of my bad english; so if some of you want to make a better translation, they will be welcome, as for some remaining bugs or software improvements.

I would like to thanks all friends who spent time to test these softs for weeks, specially F6HBI Gerald, F5UKL Andre and F6CEL Ghislain

Have fun and CU from summits

Alain F6ENO

In reply to KD9KC:

Hello Mike,

No problem; send me one of your ADIF files, and say which windows you are using.
My email: f6eno(at)
I’m OK on

73 Alain F6ENO

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Hello Alain,
Thanks to all for this good job… I 'll try it on next activation in end October… Sorry no summit in Dpt 76 !!!
Bye See soon…

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Hallo Alain,

I used your software. It is easy to use, but when i upload the csv file i got this report:An error has occured whilst processing line 1 of the input file.
Please ensure the input file is valid CSV or TSV.
System.ApplicationException: Incorrect number of delimiters at SOTA.AddActivatorEntry.getActivatorCSVLine(StreamReader sr, SqlConnection dbConnection, Int32 userId, DateTime& lastDate, String& lastTime, Int32& summitID, Boolean& parseErrorFlag, Boolean& parseDuplicateFlag, Boolean& Datewrap, Boolean& EatFirstLine, Boolean& S2S, Boolean& Chaser) in D:\SOTADATABASE\AddActivatorEntry.cs:line 459 at SOTA.ActivatorCSV2.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) in D:\SOTADATABASE\ActivatorCSV2.aspx.cs:line 74

What is wrong ? What did i wrong ?


Sake Reindersma, PA0SKP

I did the procedure once again and now it is working!!!

Thanks for your program!!

73 Sake

In reply to PA0SKP:

Hello Sake

When you try to load a CSV file first, it must conform to the SOTA database format; may be the CSV file you tryed to load wasn’t.
Then I suppose that you have loaded an ADIF file; this file has been saved in the right CSV format, so it worked.
The normal use of ADI2SOTA is:
1/ Choose or add the tags used for the SOTA Ref fields (Activator and chaser)
2/ Load an ADIF file created by your favorite logging software
3/ If necessary, correct Ref errors
4/ Save the CSV file on your HD
5/ upload it to the SOTA database

Please Sake (and all) download the last version (V 6.3), I corrected a bug (Thanks to Mike KD5KC)

73 Alain F6ENO

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Thanks for your support!
I loaded up now “3 summits” with yr programme!

73 Sake PA0SKP

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Hi Alain,

thank you for the SAISIE software. It is the greatest thing I have seen so far. Ability to enter QSOs at very fast rate and instant export to both CSV and ADIF is excellent!

I found today three bugs you can fix:

  1. When entering FM QSO, default report is 599 not 59.
  2. When entering time beginning with 0 eg. 09:30, the auto increment feature does not work and puts some strange characters.
  3. 70CM band is missing in the drop down list.

Thank you for your work!

73, Marek OK1BIL

In reply to OK1BIL:
Hello Marek

Thanks for your comments and OK abt the bugs;
I will correct them soon.

Best 73 and have nice SOTAs
Alain F6ENO

In reply to OK1BIL:
Hi Marek

The new version is on line now;
There is no bug about the QTR on my PC ???

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

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Hi all

Thanks to Phil, G4OBK who found a bug in the CSV file, you may download version 6.4.

Best 73 Alain F6ENO

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Thank you for a very useful updated programme Alain. This is a real time saver for activators and chasers alike. I have used your previous version of ADI2SOTA since 2009.

Best wishes

Phil G4OBK

In reply to F6ENO:

Hi, the issue with time works like this:

  1. First QSO, I type UTC time 09:25, then callsign, report.
  2. I press ENTER.
  3. UTC time for second QSO changes to :9:5 or simmilar.

But if I type 10:00, it changes ok to 10:01 and suprisingly when I type 09:59 it changes to 10:00 without any issues. Obviously the problem is that you are entering the time without the leading zero like 9:25 instead of 09:25 to the textbox. I guess this is issue of time format conversion.

I run Windows 8, but I hardly thing this can be an issue.


In reply to OK1BIL:
HEllo Marek

I did the test again, and it works here…
I’m also using W8.
May be a different configuration of Time Date format on our PC.

I’m leaving home tomorrow for 15 days (going to hamfest and some SOTAs…)
So we’ll talk about the problem when I’m back home.

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

Hi All

Thanks to Stefan DD6DO, Daniel F5SQA and Gerald F6HBI I made some improvements to the softs (and fixed some bugs)

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:

Hi Alain,

I tested the new version and the bug with time is still present. I tested also on my Windows 7 laptop and it does some error.

Here you can find a screenshot: OK1BIL – OE2BLT

I hope it helps you to fix it :slight_smile: If you need any more assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.

Marek, OK1BIL

In reply to OK1BIL:
Hallo Alain en Marek,

I did have the same problem, but only the first time. When you put in your first contact with date and time and you saved it directly into a file (you choose), the problem is over.

73, Sake PA0SKP

on yr sreenshot i saw “no name”

In reply to OK1BIL:

Thanks Marek

I’ll have a look to the problem when I will be back home in abt 10 days

73 Alain

In reply to PA0SKP:

Hello Sake and Marek

The bug doesn’t exists on my computers and it seems that it is so for F5UKL and F6HBI.
Well, I suppose that it is a bug from the Date/Time format, so I improved the time display (when you launch the program)
Now in V6.7 version, there are some other bugs fixed (thanks to Jirka OK1DDQ) and an little improvement = if the local database doesn’t know a callsign, and if you type a name in the entry name box, the database learns it.

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

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Hallo Alain,
At the moment I am in Germany and I activate some summits.
On my laptop I missed your nice programme: Saisie_Sota.
I could not find it anymore on the site.
Can you please tell me where I can find your programme?


PS The only bug I have found at home in the programme is the time before 10.00 (4 digits). Before 4 digits you have to set every time …the time ( + - does not work) Thats all.

Kind regards,


sorry for my bad English

In reply to PA0SKP:
Hello Sake
Here you can find it…

See you soon