Additions to a log

I was uploading a log from my pencil notepad. I submitted the log and then turned over the page to discover a further contact. The DB wouldn’t allow me to add this to a new log for the same summit on the same day. Is there a way round this?

Apologies in advance if I’ve missed something obvious.

73, Fraser

Hello Fraser,
You must delete the log uploaded (using the menu + manage upload) and re-upload the good one.

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Thanks. I was afraid of that.

Dont be afraid, download it before deleting and add the line missing…


Hi Fraser

When uploading an activator log its quicker and the edited log (Using Wordpad) can easily be deleted and then re-submitted if you use either an ADIF or CSV file, listing all the contacts from your activity.

I recommend the SAISIE SOTA program by F6ENO to do this but other software that does the same job is also available. SAISIE SOTA operates on Windows.

Give it a try (select English language) and if you adopt the program I can send you an up to date SOTA names files if required. I’ve used SAISIE for years. The latest version in V16.0.0.0
Here is a screenshot of my last activation as entered into SAISIE SOTA:

I generally import a csv file into the SOTA database as I find the file format is usually 100% reliable on import whereas an ADIF import to the database seems to need a more exacting format and files are sometimes rejected by the database.

73 Phil G4OBK


Since the use of SAISIE SOTA has been recommended here, I want to take advantage and ask a question about adding a QSO to a log on SAISIE SOTA.
I’m also a keen user of SAISIE SOTA program and I have even worked with Alain @F6ENO with translations of the menus into Spanish and some ideas like this for the quick band/mode change:

Regarding the adding a QSO into an existing log, I find it’s not so perfect on SAISIE SOTA, when the QSO you want to add is in between 2 previously logged QSOs.
This is my chaser log up to now:

Let’s try to include a ficticious QSO in between those 2. Let’s imagine that I made QSO with @G4OBK/P activating G/LD-001 at 09:30:
I select Delayed time, manually write 09:30:30 and enter the QSO info:

And after clicking on OK, the log shows the new QSO entered but not sorted by time. Being the just entered QSO with G4OBK/P at 09:30, it should have entered in between the two existing ones and not after the last one (nr 2).

At this point, if I chase a new SOTA and include it into the log:

We can see the QSO with G4OBK/P remains nr. 3 and this will produce an error when uploading the .csv file to the SOTA database, so I’m forced to manually delete the QSOs after the one with G4OBK/P and re-enter them afterwards, so I can have them all sorted by time.

Alain F6ENO: is it possible that after entering a new QSO, the program rearrange the whole log in order to have all the QSOs always sorted by Time, as it does my Logger32 main logging program?

Thank you.


Hi Guru,
Did you try to click here to sort your Log :yum: ?


73 Éric

You are totally right, Éric.
Now I remember that I had already found this out with Alain F6ENO. The problem is I had forgotten it…
Thanks for reminding me.


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you are welcome Guru :raised_back_of_hand:

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Sorted by Eric I believe! Quite a few of us using F6ENO software I see! I like his ADI2SOTA software also. I once bought him a drink a Friedrichshafen pub in appreciation of the software I recall!

Hopefully FN will be back in 2022, I’d like another SOTA Tour there…

73 Phil

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Phil, I remember the drink too… I hope we will have some others in 2022…
Guru, I’m glad to see that your are in good health now.
Best 73 to all
Alain F6ENO


Dear Alain,
I’m feeling great, althought it’s not 100% clear yet that I’m in good health according to what the doctor told me a few days ago…
My usual oncologist is in maternity leave now and a new YL oncologist saw me instead. She told me not very nice things about my cancer apparently having survived the last chemo sessions and having even expanded to other areas (?) But she said all this wasn’t very clear and they want to carry out further explorations and another scan in order to clear out all this doubts.
At the moment, I’m very much confused with this last news and I don’t know what to expect. Let’s hope the new explorations will enlighten things and clear out all current uncertainties.
All this is quite disappointing, but I’m feeling great at the present time and I’m determined to keep enjoying every bit of my life. I was even planning to do a couple of new SOTAs this weekend but unfortunately the WX has decided to be releasing light rain all or most of the time yesterday and today, so I’m here stuck in my shack enjoying the higher bands openings. I have even heard Tom @M1EYP/P on 6m CW this afternoon for a very brief instant, but I couldn’t chase him unfortunately.
On the other hand, I’ve managed to chase Mark @M0NOM/P on 10m SSB a few minutes ago :slight_smile:



Great to get you in the log today @EA2IF Guru and you were very strong with me, very clear audio.
I was in the rain today on and off, a small tarpaulin helping me escape the worse.

And then this happened…


A portal to another dimension where the X86 architecture never gained dominance? :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that a few times but never when I had a camera with me.

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Thanks Phil. I’ll give that a try. I wasn’t aware of it at all until now!

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Hi Mark,
We had great conditions of the higher bands today. I had been making lots of QSOs on 6m CW and later on 10m this afternoon, with UK stations coming in very good conditions. When I saw you spotted on 10m, I almost knew for certain that I would copy you, so there I went and bang! you were a perfectly readable signal. Just one single call and you came back to me. Good QSO!
Thank you for the QSO and also for the very beautiful picture in your post, which is going to be my laptop wallpaper picture from now on!