Adding s2s data to old records

Would somebody please suggest an easy way to add s2s data to many old qso records, previously entered as plain activator qso’s.

Thanks a lot!


If the old interface is still available (I believe it is) - then I think you can add missing S2S contacts through the manual chaser logging function (hopefully there not too many).

73 Ed.
SOTA Database

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No, don’t use the old web interface because when it goes you won’t know how to do it on the modern interface.

If the activation was a recent entry, there will be a pencil icon at the right hand edge of its view in your activations. See icon ringed in red below.

Click this and you can add the S2S activation to the existing QSOs.

If there is no icon, then the activation predates when this facility became available. In this case click the page icon (ringed in red below) to download a CSV file of the activation. Edit the CSV to add the missing data. Then click the bin icon (ringed in green) to delete the activation and you can then upload the saved CSV file to restore the activation with S2S data.


Thank you Ed and Andy. I understand what you are saying, but looking for something less elaborate.

For example, could I upload all my s2s qso’s from the previous 7 years grouped in a single v2 csv file without deleting any of the already stored records? I guess it would caused havoc in the database (if accepted at all), but still…

Or, how suicidal would be downloading all my activator records in the database (“Download complete log” option), deleting downloadied records in the database, then adding s2s data locally on my computer, and finally uploading updated complete log in v2 csv format back to the SOTA database?


Very. Don’t do that.


Maybe I would not believe you, but your avatar leaves no doubts on the seriousness of your statement…

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That’s only Andy’s avatar for this week - next week it’ll be a fluffy bunny … or maybe not.


Tried a few times on an activation from 2017. It’s still there!?

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PM the details.


This should now be fixed.

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Tried it just now and it worked fine. Thanks Andy.

Of course, one should never forget the most heroic role that the world’s greatest super hero, Andy the Snakeman, played in the process. Greatly appreciated!


Call me Andy again and I’ll delete all your activations :smiley:

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Mea culpa, mea culpa!

I’m truly deeply sorry, Mr. Fundamentalist! Sir!

Will not do that never, ever again…

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