Adding enteries to my submitted log

Here’s my issue: I added entries for a recent activation one by one in the usual manner, but when it came to some stations I knew were also on summits, I omitted their entries and instead submitted my contacts with them as a chaser but with the S2S block ticked. I now consider this to be only half the solution because their contacts don’t show up in my statistics as contacts worked on the various bands during the activation.

So to correct this (for statistical purposes as I already scored enough contacts for the activation to count) I downloaded the log in question as a CSV file, added in the missing contacts and attempted to resubmit the file. I received a message saying duplicate entries will be skipped. Trouble is, the entire new CSV file was skipped as it said ALL entries were duplicates. I take it this is because my new ones were listed in the S2S section. This means they still don’t show up in my stats.

How can I rectify this?

If I have read you correctly I think you ommitted to delete to the log from the database after your downloaded it and before you uploaded the ammended log.

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Ah, so I need to delete the log first? Will do that. Thanks

Yes, delete first and then re-submit.

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The way I’m reading this is that you didn’t include your S2S contacts in your activator log. They need to be in both your activator and chaser/S2S log. They are completely separate and do not speak to each other.