I have only done two activations and I am already hooked. Great excuse to get outdoors and get on the air. I am still fairly new to Amateur Radio and really appreciate my contacts being patient with me especially with the challanges operating QRP and the mini-pile ups.

I can’t wait to get back out…to feed the addiction.

Dave K6KNS

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Most of us know the feeling :wink:

Have fun and stay safe.


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Best to deal with this addiction with frequent activations. So far as I know, there ain’t no rehab.


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Ha! SOTA certainly does redefine the “12-step” program. Just 12 more steps…you’ll get there! Guy/n7un

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I thought I recognized your call sign. We made contact on my activation of W6/CC-045 (Mt. Diablo, CA)
last February. With radio…it is a small world :slight_smile: