Add my database to

I would like to add my Sota database to my log in my Has anyone done that, and if so, how is that the cheapest? I guess, I have to pay 29$ for the xml access.

73 Chris

Hi Chris,
I do it, but i upload an adif file and never paid anything.
May be you can convert the database to adif (The log Saisie_Sota does it) or you can find
CSV to ADIF converter.
You can have a look at this:


You can add the last 10 activation to your profile page. I guess that is not what you are looking for?
See for yourself on my page:

by adding an iframe to your QRZ page:
<iframe frameborder="0" height="300" scrolling="yes" src=";l=10&amp;w=1&amp;h=1" width="600"></iframe>

btw. another cool feature that Manuel @HB9DQM offers.

I use the logbook service at
that is for free is supported by log4om - the log tool that I use.



Thanks for sharing this - I didn’t know about this. Added to my own QRZ page. Very cool!!

And THANK YOU Manuel @HB9DQM for all the awesome things that you provide for SOTA.



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Hi Joe,
Fine stuff…
I set it on my QRZ page as: My last Sota activations.
Thanks for sharing
Gerald F6HBI

I will try this later. Tnx

Uppps, fine business! It works ‘out of the box’
73 Chris

Konichiwa Joe-san,

I put the lines on my QRZ-page and … it works.

And changing the right parameter I got some more activations and a scroll bar.

Domo aregatou

73 Ludwig

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Yes, thanks a lot for your advice. I managed it.
73 Chris

Super feature - thanks for the input and thanks Manuel @HB9DQM for providing it! :+1::+1:

73, Sylvia

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Thanks Joe, that’s a great function, now on my QRZ page too! :slight_smile:

Thanks to Manuel @HB9DQM too.

Best 73,

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Hey nice one!

I’ve added that to my QRZ page too! Really neat feature!

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or for lazy people like me … simply go there:

73 martin, oe5reo