AD5A Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Mike AD5A on gaining Mountain Goat status yesterday.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Yes absolutely Allan and hard won. Came here to shut things down and saw your post. Great blog from Mike on his efforts to get there. Congrats indeed :sunglasses: his blog is posted on another SOTA site but for those who are here --------you have sent the link.
Good job Mike.
Time for bed :sunglasses:

Congrats to Mike Always good to put you into the Log here.
Dow - W4DOW

Thanks guys. Achieving MG has been my best experience in Ham Radio since I started 26 years ago, It is something I will do as long as I am able.


Mike AD5A

Congrats Mike - always nice to get you in the log!

73 Rick WB0USI

Congratulations Mike on MG - first for W5T!! Thanks for all the contacts.

73, Bill K5WI

Thanks Bill, you’re always a solid signal. Thanks for all the QSO’s and congrats in advance on attaining Super Sloth.


Mike AD5A

Congrats Mike on MG. Thanks for all the contacts and for being an avid Activator.

Well done Mike, Congrats! BAA

Thanks Dennis for QSO’s on both ends of the pile. 73, Mike AD5A

Thanks Dan. Baa!! I’ve been waiting a while to be able to do that:-)


Mike AD5A