Activators pse don't be shy abt the WAG-contest 18/19th October

Just as a hint for activators planning to go up next weekend on 18th/19th October: 40m phone should not be restrained by the ongoing Worked All Germany Contest (WAG) because it has contest free segments. On 40m it extends from 7080 to 7140, so the most popular SOTA-frequency should be free of contest traffic (the segments are part of the rules, not mere recommendation). Also don’t expect a too tremendous contest traffic on 40m during several hours around noon as activity in this contest without single band category should concentrate on the higher bands during this daylight hours. A healthy SOTA-pileup should defend the frequency. See all contestfree segments of WAG here: Seite nicht gefunden - DARC

All the best and 73, Chris DL8MBS
WAG Contestmanager