Activators on 7.031 +/- cw

Hello Activators who choose 7.031 to operate SOTA i have a lot of problems in vk with sstv on that frequency. Just a bit too much qrm to pull out the cw signals with that racket going on.
73 de ian vk5cz …

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Just for information, Ian, what frequencies would you recommend for EU to VK?


Brian G8ADD

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Good Morning Brian . Thats a good question, the average number of cw ops in vk on the sunday morning cw net on 40m is about 18 ops,so there are not many. The frequency most vk cw ops monitor on 40m is 7.025 so if i was to use 40m for SOTA i would probably try around 7.027 or 028. Last night the sstv ops on 7.031 were very strong i assumed they were vk’s or someone close to us i also noticed some psk31 ops on as well. I did not bother firing up my sstv program to check out who it was. The main thing with SOTA and cw in vk is most of the active SOTA ops don’t use cw but i’am ever hopeful that will turn around . cw is such a good craft to have in ham radio for this kind of activity so maybe some more new ops will take up the challenge one day.
73 ian vk5cz …

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Hi Brian,

I’ve only ever managed SOTA G/VK on the higher 20m and 15m bands.

73 Mike