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Activators informing about QSY or QRT is highly welcome by chasers


Advice to new CW activators.
Dear new CW activators, chasers will always welcome when an activator informs if going QRT or QSY.
If an activator goes QSY without notice, several chasers may remain on the frequency where he/she last operated, either calling him/her or waiting for him/her to show up after what it might be a breif pause.
This happened to me today. I was trying to chase an activator in EU and waiting while he was working other chasers. At one point, he stopped transmitting and I remained on the frequency calling him from time to time in case he was having a brief pause but listening to the frequency. I went like that for a few minutes until I saw a spot on SOTAwatch for this same activator but on a different band.
Not a big issue, but should he had informed of his QSY, I and other chasers wouldn’t have spent some minutes making useless QRM on that frequency.
I want to take advantage of this anecdote to ask activators to inform their audience about their plans to, either QRT or QSY.
Best 73,



Very good to know. I try to inform when going QRT, but I’ve had a couple of instances where environmental circumstances (or people) required immediate cessation of activity. But I don’t think I’ve once announced QSY, and I suppose I should! I usually just keep calling CQ until I don’t hear any more answers, then silently QSY. But it definitely wouldn’t hurt to announce the fact.



When possible I say …“QSY to ??M” or even a more detailed “QSY to 18.092 TU de wGOAT AR” (assuming 18.092 is clear?) Knowingly lots of environmental factors come into play on the summit to cause the activator to suddenly stop sending … red ants, ticks, tourist, antenna down, lightning to name a few. But it seems whenever possible why not communicate ones intentions? It may even promote more DX or S2S opportunities if listener knows where to find you next. After all we’re in the business of communication …we’ve got the technology!

73, Steve wGOAT


I usually announce a QSY to another band when the run of contacts dries up. On occasion a chaser has still been listening on the frequency and I know that they have followed with the aim of finding me so they can post a spot. When going QRT, an announcement of the fact will often produce a response from a chaser still listening in the form of an exchange of 73 which I find to be most friendly and it rounds off the activation. Long may this continue to be so.

73, Gerald G4OIG


I was on the Rotewand on 30m on Tuesday when someone started to call CQ right over the top of me. I always normally inform chasers of a QSY, but on this occasion I thought there was not much point due to the QRM. I felt chasers would assume the QSY due to the situation. Of course it’s possible not not everyone can hear the other station, then again, they should be able to hear me repeating QRL. I suppose I’d better send QSY over the top of them in future, they certainly can’t hear me.


Hi Matt,
The situation you described indeed happens from time to time. What I would do instead of informing about my QSY on top of the CQ call of the invading signal, I’d wait until he/she ceases CQing and passes to RX to send my QSY UP or DWN, so my potential chasers can hear me. However, it’s true that some invaders only start CQing to kick someone off the frequency without leaving a reasonable gap of time to RX after CQing. In those exceptional cases, there no other solution than sending QSY on TOP of him/her (I honestly have never known of a YL and can’t imagine a YL acting like those invading ones).



I addressed this advice to new CW activators, because the case I referred to happened to me with a new (QRS) CW activator, but the advise and my plea is fully applicable to PHONE modes, as well as to experienced activators too.




Which is what happened in my case. I even tried replying to the calling station, but they appeared to enjoy the sound of their own callsign rather than that of other peoples. I would also say that that this was on 30m, a band which I only bother with out of consideration for chasers, certainly it is little more than a waste of battery life to me. Most activators go 20, 30 then 40, so it should not be so difficult to work out where I will call next if I get QRMd off the band.