Activator Uniques

Hi folks, I have a question about the database, mostly to satisfy my curious mind. In looking at the Activator Uniques table, I see that the contacts field does not correspond with the number of actual contacts as shown in the activator table. The last several records for me shows one contact for each activation. I find this true for other people as well. Does that number represent the number of contacts, the number of unique contacts, something else, or is there an error?

Just wondering,
Ron, NR3E :hiking_boot:

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Hi Ron,

The number is the count how often you activated the summit overall. And the date is the first time you actived the summit.
For statistics of interest but I never look at it. No need :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

73 Joe

It’s typo, contacts should say count.

Did you fix that so quickly Andy?

Looks good here

No if you look at your own results it says something like this (my version)

Number Summit Name Contacts Date of First Activation
1 GM/SS-064 (Tinto) 14 2006-10-13

Contacts should be count.

Strange. I see that typo only in the My Chaser Uniques page.

SOTA Database

My Activator Uniques is fine.

I did an F5 and activator is ok now.

Thanks everyone for the comments. It makes sense to me now. The reason my recent records are “1” is because I have only activated those summits once. That number will change over time as I revisit those peaks.

As I said, it wasn’t a problem for me, I was just curious.

Ron :hiking_boot: