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I have started using Log4OM logging program. I was using “Notes” in Log4OM to log my “Notes” for SOTA. Recently, I successfully uploaded my very first ADIF file to SOTA and noticed that my notes did not get loaded.

After using the support forum on Log4OM I learned that “Notes” are for my use as an operator and they differ from “Comments” which is what is shared and which is used by SOTA.

Should the column header on the “View Activator Entry” page in SOTA be changed say “Comments?”


Curious why not? If we at SOTA are mapping to the ADIF “Comments” value and the ADIF folks differentiate between a Note and a Comment, it seems it would be useful to align the terminology. Released ADIF Version 3.1.0, updated 2019/05/21

Because it affects other programs and the CSV upload format uses ‘Notes’.

Why not? It seems to be a user issue with one logging program to me. That doesn’t seem to be sufficient to change something that has been called notes since 2002.

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Easy solution:
At adif import: Comment + Notes => Notes (in sota db)
Problem solved

73 Joe

Should it be Comments + Notes, or Notes + Comments?

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Good question.
I usually fill one or the other. Never both.