Activator Awards

I have a question and a comment about activator awards. It is common practice, it seems, that when an activator earns 2000 points to use the term “Double Goat.” It also seems to be the same for 3000 points and the term “Triple Goat.” But there are no award certificates for double and triple goat. After the Mountain Goat award the next is for 2500 points and then it jumps to 5000.

Would it be possible to restructure the award certificates to honor double and triple goats? My thought is that double goat and triple goat awards are more significant than the 2500 point award and might even allow more opportunities for SOTA to sell some certificates.

Just my thoughts,
Ron, KI4TN :hiking_boot:

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I agree with Ron’s suggestion. Maybe even design and sell a trophy similar to the MG one for double and triple goat. Could be a way for SOTA to make more money and a motivator to get me charging ahead toward Double Goat (I’ve stalled out after achieving MG). :blush:

Dave, AE9Q


You can already get the wording amended (on a space available and cost per letter) on the trophies to say whatever will fit. So a Double Mountain Goat etc. award is already available.

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About the activator awards I have an idea that could help to motivate more activators and sell more awards. But I dont know who to send an email.

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Thanks Andrew!