Activations planned in W - /p required?


We are heading to the US for a vacation, and I plan to activate a couple of summits in W4T and/or W4G end of July/early August. Due to US reciprocal regulations, I‘ll use my German callsign DL9SBM instead of HB9EKO with which I am known in the SOTA Community.

In most of the spots of US activators, I do not see /p in the spot.
Is it not required to add this suffix, i.e. is it ok to be on air with W4/DL9SBM instead of W4/DL9SBM/p?

73 de Jens, HB9EKO

The “/P” indicator is not required by the FCC. From an FCC page (see link below):

“… any amateur station, including a special event station, may include with its assigned call sign one or more indicators (example “W1AW/national convention”).”

The key word here is “may”, so it is permitted but not required.

Go to this page, then scroll down to the “Indicator” section.


Thanks a lot