Activations of EA6/MA-001

Puig Major EA6/MA-001 is a wonderful peak on the island of Mallorca as you can see from the shot from Google Streetview.

The normal route to the summit would be to take the excellent road but that leads to a Spanish Military RADAR site and is gated and closed. There are alternative routes to almost the summit. Unfortunately the entire activation zone is within the RADAR compound and is off-limits.

There have been some activations of this summit from the trig point and at first glance it is high enough to be in the AZ, summit height is 1436m and the trig is at 1415m giving a difference which is 21m and looks to be within the AZ. Unfortunately, the col is at 1406 which means the trig is not within the AZ. It’s marked on the maps available but is easy to overlook.

Here is an annotated map showing how the AZ and the RADAR station within it and without careful study it would be easy to assume operating from the trig is valid.

I’m sorry to say but this means that all the activations of this beautiful looking summit are invalid and hence so are all the chases. If you have this summit in your activation or chase log then please remove it.

I don’t know whether you can get permission from the authorities to gain access to the AZ but without permission or until the RADAR station is closed it will not be possible to activate this.

The SOTA database contains all summits that comply with SOTA rules but that does not mean access is available. There are plenty of military bases on summits which means you really are not welcome. The summits are listed because the limits on access can and do change. A good example being Mt. Umunhum W6/CC-052 which used to be the location of Almaden Air Force Station and was the location of a massive RADAR used during the Cold War. After it closed in 1980, the site was closed to public access due to decaying unsafe buildings and significant contaminated land and materials. It was reopened in 2018 after a 9 year clean up operation to remove the contamination.

Asking people to delete chases and activations which were made in good faith is never easy and is not something we like doing, there are no winners here but it has to be done.

obo SOTA MT.

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Too bad…

S2S deleted

Not Any ! We have only one it’s Andy :smile:

Ok I’ve to delete this one :cry:

73 Éric

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My 2 x Invalid Chaser QSOs with operators on EA6/MA-001 on 08/12/2018 and on 14/05/2020 are now deleted from the SOTA database.

20 points down the swanee…not so dissapointing for the Chasers…

73 Phil

My 2 x Invalid Chaser QSOs with operators on EA6/MA-001 on 08/12/2018 and on 14/05/2020 are now deleted from the SOTA database.

73 Terry

This is 328 QSO including 5 S2S at all :worried:

Done. Thank you, Andy
73 Fabio

Final reminder, please delete any chases you have of EA6/MA-001. It does not appear to be possible to get into the AZ at present so all the activations so far are not valid.

If you haven’t deleted the chase/S2S from your logs then I will delete them in the next few days.

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4 S2S chases and 85 standard chases now deleted.


Just in case anybody has, in the past, relied on these deleted activations to claim a Chaser award you can be assured your claim will remain valid - I will not be reviewing completed Award claims.

Any claims after 23 August 2020 that rely on these activations will not be approved.

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager