Activations in the W4V Lexington Region

W4V/LX hasn’t enjoyed many activations yet, but it’s a gem of an area in a region colloquially known as the Switzerland of Virginia (pace to the brethren of HB9). I did gain some valuable experience in working with RBNhole: by changing bands on one summit, I was re-spotted; but time-wise I was closer to an up-coming alert on a different summit. That different summit is what was spotted. Without internet, I didn’t realize what was going wrong. Oops. Apologies to the chasers, and thanks to them for their patience and diligence. Here’s moer on the activation, plus photos. In addition to some great activating, I also enjoyed one of the most beautiful backdrops to my morning cup of coffee as the sun rose over the Blue Ridge. 73, David/N3II