Activation W7Y/TT-038 (Fossil Mountain)

Fossil Mountain is a spectacular mountain, especially when viewed from the west side of the Teton range. It stands up like a shark fin. Unfortunately, it was a hazy day due to wildfire smoke. Unfortunately, I think that will be the case until the snow falls.

The climb up was beautiful with lots of wild flowers. Once I left the trail to the Wind Cave, I didn’t see anyone else. That’s one of the nice things about SOTA peaks in the area: most of them are obscure peaks that see very little human traffic. A lovely way to escape for the day.

I had 22 contacts from the summit, 20 on CW and 2 on SSB, with 5 watts. Being on a mountain top sure does help to get the signal out. Thanks to all the chasers.


Hi Pat,

wonderful mountain area and a not so easy way to the summit? (see picture 2) I have no idea of the scaling there but I guess, the stones are not so small.

Thanks for the fine pictures.

73 Ludwig

HI Pat,
Nice pictures, nice activation! You had a great signal with your
5 watts!
73, John, K6YK

Thanks. Glad to hear it.

Hi Ludwig. Yes, the summit climb was difficult. Loose talus and scree.


(Just my way of finding the summit in the database. Its odd if you put the ref in the body of a post it is hyperlinked but this doesn’t happen with the ref in the title.)

Fine summit though! And you are being modest K7GUD in not mentioning this was a first activation. Congratulations. :slight_smile:

It looks a good distance from the nearest road.

Hi John. Thanks for the comment and good idea to put a link to the peak. Next time I’ll do that.

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