Activation video: Großer Größtenberg OE/OO-227

Hello everyone,

Here my latest video report.
Started at the parking spot Haslergatter and hiked about 45 min to our camping spot Steyrsteg Biwakplatz - an official nature camp site run by the National park service - and enjoying some beers and barbecue at the camp fire.
Sunday we hiked up to Großer Größtenberg OE/OO-227
Sorry for arriving later then originally alerted.

Hiked with my friends and work colleagues Ammar (with his girlfriend Julia) and Christoph (with his son Basti) stayed at the camp.

Very good condition on 20m. Thank you for all the contact all over Europe!
A lot of flowers and wild berries to see along the way

Please enjoy the video:

73 de Joe


Thanks, Joe, for your insights. Funny name of this summit to translate: like Big Biggest Mountain . . . but these are elsewhere in Austria, hi.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Hello Markus,

Thanks for the comment. I like outdoor activities and a nice campfire is just to good not be be part of my videos :slight_smile:

Indeed the name is funny. Especially as it is be far not the highest mountain in the area. Just less then 10 km away is the summit “Hoher Nock” that is 239 m higher. But who knows how this name was established in the past.
Would be fun to ask the Nationalpark people if the have a history on the names and their origin.
I think that’s an interesting aspect that I will follow up.

73 de Joe